2 Important Services At Greek Wedding Receptions

To the soon to be married couple, 

We know you are nervous about the most important day of your life. All the butterflies we feel in our stomach, the laughter and the cries we share with our partner, the moments of doubt, and the jokes around the miseries of marriage all just seem quite worth it when you are standing hand-in-hand at the altar. A wedding is the most important decision of your life, so it’s natural to want a special, flawless evening with some beautiful music by Greek wedding Dj Sydney.

The hard work and planning that goes into making your Greek wedding a perfect one cannot be compared to anything on the planet. Before your wedding day, there are too many decisions to be taken. You and your partner will have plenty of chances to customise the big day as per your exact tastes. It is crucial to plan both the wedding and the reception in the best way possible so that your wedding becomes the talk of the town!

Before we jump into two of the most important services at a Greek wedding reception, let’s just learn about all the important aspects of a Greek wedding, such as the important ceremonies, music, shopping, and all the celebrations that go into making a big, fat Greek wedding!

Things you need to Plan the Perfect Wedding Day

Get your lists and planners and start taking notes!

Select the perfect day: 

We recommend you pick January or June as wedding months. They are supposed to be blessed by the goddess Hera under the Greek traditions. If you don’t believe in the orthodox Grecian tales, decide a time which you both feel comfortable with. 


The major cost will be invested in planning the wedding reception. Jotting down the budget is an important aspect of any wedding reception planning. This will help in knowing an estimate of the cost per head and other expenses and requirements such as rooms, sitting arrangements, etc. You will have to offer a rounded figure of roughly how many guests you’re likely to have when you go to book the reception space. 

Church, Venue, and the Kuambaros

A Greek wedding is incomplete without a church. Unless you’re ready to throw in a lot of cash, in which case you should take a look at castles, a good-old church with your Kuambaros is where you want to be wedded. We recommend planning at least two to three months ahead of your wedding months to find available dates. 

A Kuambora or Kuambaros is not your average Best Man or Maid of Honor; most of us already know he or she often sponsors the ceremony. They also have the honour of baptising the future child of the couple.

Deciding the wedding reception venue is another tricky business. You usually want it somewhere near to the place you’re getting married; that makes it easier to travel. Elegant weddings remind us of garden settings and a dance floor. 

Setting a theme

Theme weddings are the latest trend. Couples today don’t only choose colour themes, but also if they want a particular venue like beaches or jungles or some Pop culture extravaganza. Deciding on a theme well in advance helps your planning. It lets you choose colours, linens, venue designs, and Greek Dj hire Sydney

Greek themes usually call for white and blue colours, resembling the national flag or greens, whites, and peaches as per the traditions. There are several other factors to consider, such as the type of reception you want, the Greek MC Sydney that you would like to hire, or the band entertainment for your special day. 

Preparing the guest list

Most of your wedding decisions are governed by your guest list. The diverse the list, the varied the decisions. To be honest, this should be the starting point of your planning. It helps you decide the size of the venue, the menu and your entire planning. Trust us on this one; it is going to make your life much easier. 

Food Menu

No Greek wedding is complete without luscious and exciting Greek food. Greek weddings are known for their exorbitant amounts of food and drinks with summer treats of bread salads, unique seafood like lump crab, calamari, and lemon marinated mussels. 

Another wedding favourite is the whole lamb and pig served with the official Greece drink Ouzo and mastic liquor. The dessert section usually has Greek coffee and baklava, which is prepared by layering honey, dough, and walnuts.

It is always better to curate your own menu as per your taste buds. You can develop a menu that highlights the traditional food of Greece with a modern touch. 

The Dresses

We’ve all been looking at wedding dresses since we were young. Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding gown, and it may look easy for the groom, but it isn’t. Today’s classic bridal gown is American in style, but that’s what most brides go for. In traditional Greek weddings, both bride and groom wear loosely fitted dresses with headgears. The bride usually wears a yellow or red veil to represent fire and fertility. She also carries a bouquet of white gardenias for their fragrance and symbolisation of purity. 

Crowning Ceremony

The joining of the hands, also known as Crowning is a distinctive Greek reception custom. Perhaps the most important feature in the styling of a bride is the matrimonial crown, the Stefana. The crown symbolically ties the pair together for the rest of their lives. The crowns are kept in special boxes, called Stefanothiki, which is kept in exhibition above the marriage bed in the home of the couple. 

The priest blesses the groom and the bride three times each while placing the crowns on their head. The Koumbaros then swap the crowns three times between the bride and the groom.

The Wedding Reception

Here comes the fun part! A lot of wedding reception places offer package deals. Everything is arranged for you: the flowers, the floor, the photographer, the food aisle, and lively Greek wedding Dj Sydney

After a traditional wedding ceremony, the Greek reception is always extravagant. The couple dances to the tunes of the best Greek wedding DJ Sydney while the Greek MC Sydney keeps the atmosphere lively and fun!

At the wedding reception, the bride and the groom have the first dance, commonly a waltz or tango. It is followed by a tradition called Kalamantiano or the bride’s dance, in which her family joins a dance line. A boisterous wedding reception lasts the entire night through sunrise, where both families and friends celebrate the married couple. While Crowning is the most important ceremony of the wedding, music and entertainment is what brings the wedding reception to life!

You need to bring the extravagance of Greek entertainment into your wedding reception; if you haven’t decided to have one, we will make you want one. It is important to choose the music that you will groove to on your reception day and hiring the best wedding entertainers will make it an unforgettable day. 

Two Most Important Services at a Greek Wedding Reception

Music and Entertainment by the Best Greek Wedding DJ Sydney

What kind of music are you going to have at your wedding? Would you like music from Greece, modern music, or both? A blend of both Greek music and western music is part of many Greek weddings. You’ll also want to find out whether you want to hire a Greek DJ Sydney or a wedding band, in addition to deciding your music genre. 

Our Greek Dj Sydney suggests couples create a pre-wedding playlist for each other. This gives your wedding a personalised touch of love. Even a dull reception can be brought to life by the right music. People love to sing along and dance their heart out on the floor to different tunes. 

Master of Ceremony (MC) at the Wedding Reception

A packed dance floor is a sign of a great reception. It indicates guests are having fun. But how are you planning to keep the dance floor fund and engaging? This is where a Greek MC Sydney comes in!

A Greek MC Sydney brings organisation, fun, and experience to every event he/she is privileged to be a part of. Having a host makes your day a lot easier and structured. It takes a lot off your plate and reduces those stress lines (which you obviously don’t want to get photographed on your wedding day). From addressing the guests to hosting the couple, keeping a schedule of events and overlooking everything to run smoothly, Greek MC Sydney takes care of all of it. The arduous task of planning a wedding becomes really easy if you hire the right professionals. 

A great wedding has an amazing DJ and a go-to MC for creating magical moments. Apart from dynamic music to bring people together, you must also want to have an endless celebration on your special day. When talking about acing this daunting task, let Tommy Tsonis Entertainment handle the festivities for you!

Tommy Tsonis Entertainment: The Best of Greek Wedding Music

Tsonis has been an entertainer and industry performer for the past 20 years. His incredible talent has brought great charm to weddings, festivals, street performances, etc. Tommy plays at the best bouzouki shows in Sydney and has impressed hundreds of people at public and private events. 

Your wedding is going to make many people happy. But don’t forget those rare, private moments that are just for you, and you can make those moments even more meaningful by harnessing the power of music. 

We bet you’re never going to forget the song you played when you put on your wedding suit jacket or put your veil on! Our Greek MC Sydney specialises in creating an evening that is hard to forget.

Our Greek Entertainment band has a blend of musicians, entertainers, dancers and bouzouki players who will make sure to throw a party of a lifetime. 

  • The Greek entertainers provide a blend of conventional and modern music for a groovy evening. Forget the dull and orthodox tunes; your special day demands a loud celebration.
  • Our Greek MC Sydney offers customised wedding services to plan the reception and entertain the guests. The couple also gets to customise the music they want to play.
  • For a traditional Greek celebration, Tommy brings the melodies of a bouzouki. The Greek wedding DJ of his Entertainment band will bring diverse flavours of music to your party. You and your guests will have an unlimited choice of tracks to dance on. 

  • Tommy Tsonis is recognised for his outstanding bouzouki skills, as well as his exorbitant showmanship. He is known as a sophisticated professional and a charismatic artist among the Greek music royalty. He is renowned in Australia and overseas for his unique music that fuses Greek masterpieces, present-day songs, foreign music. 


Tommy Tsonis and his passion for Greek Wedding Music

Tommy has been performing in Greek weddings throughout his decorated career. He knows everything about customs, rituals, and everything related to wedding entertainment. In the Tommy Tsonis Entertainment band, we house the best Greek DJ Sydney, musicians who play the Zaffet Drums, Bongo, Clarino, while he himself plays the dynamic Greek Bouzouki. 

To make wedding experiences more memorable, Tommy Tsonis has skillfully used his musical talents. We have also crafted a multicultural wedding entrance moment that combines the lyrical bouzouki with the percussive sounds of the Zaffet drums. His highly engaging and impactful persona and music set off the festivities at the right note!

If you’re looking for a band…

Tommy Tsonis Entertainment is a no-brainer to go for. With a plethora of musicians, DJs, and MCs, we offer the best wedding entertainment in Sydney, and potentially the best Greek wedding entertainment in the world. This band is all you need to have the dream wedding reception you’ve always desired. 

With the right music and entertainment, you can make your day memorable. The universal language of love will make your precious moments of life unforgettable. When it comes to wedding celebrations, nothing can beat the vibrancy of Greek music!