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The sufferer says life changes after that day. That day when everyone celebrates your imprisonment, you willingly handcuff yourself with the world’s smallest and probably the cutest handcuffs, but not to mention the deadliest of all. It’s serious, damn serious! Ironically despite all those warnings from the wise men, you choose it for yourself. So make your last happy day count, got it!

Guys, we are just messing with you, excuse! It’s your wedding, and those handcuffs are those wedding rings. Keeping the jokes apart, you really don’t want to mess up your wedding day celebrations. It doesn’t matter if it is your last happy day, you ought to make it count and worth remembering. There’s absolutely no denying that a wedding celebration is one of those most beautiful evenings that one craves to have, and you have all the right to make it that way, your way, exactly how you have planned.

The most awaited evening, your special evening, when everything goes as per your wish, the music, the reception, the vibe, and everything else. But honestly, no one gets anything right at first, and we know you’d say there’s no rehearsal or do-over. A wedding is a lifetime decision, and once done, it’s done! We totally get it and therefore, to get that ideal celebration of yours, you need to do a lot of research about the food, the venue, and not to mention the life of the show- the kind of music and the musicians.

The most crucial part of any is the celebration, the music- the universal language that connects everyone irrespective of their place, age, or taste. A great musical evening has the power to overcome every flaw, every shortcoming, and literally connect everyone under that roof. If you are prepared to make your wedding evening memorable, not only for you but for your family and other loved ones, and you want to keep it vivid and want people to talk about it for years, then my friend, you need to get the musical arrangements on point.

So how to get started?

First, don’t freak out! We acknowledge you want to have your most limitless musical evening’ and to be honest, that can be a complicated task, and therefore, we are here. Just go through this blog, and we can assure you, you’ll find the gateway to the most elegant, unique, and trendy wedding evening worth cherishing.

Look around, find inspirations for your wedding celebrations, catch up with the trend, and find the best in the business. Well, talking of trends, not all are that great, but we have one, in particular, that will fulfill all your imaginations or even outperform your fantasy.

It’s the Greek entertainers, the new big thing in the wedding celebrations. The best part of this prospect is that it is still evolving, keeping the contemporary vogue with the evergreen greek style. A unique and fresh concept for that wedding evening you’ve always dreamed of.

There are several good reasons why you’d consider Greek entertainment for your marriage evening celebration.

Your wedding won’t be dull or monotonous-

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a wedding celebration being super quiet and dull, with miserable background music and people ringing their cutlery. But no worries whatsoever, with Greek entertainers by your side, it’s a piece of cake to set the celebration mood and get the guests grooving.


Managing to have Greek entertainment at your wedding celebration in itself is a unique idea. Moreover, their music, their reception, and the way of presentation are incredible. Having this kind of unique celebration will have your guest speak about the wedding evening for years to come. It’s really those small details that connect with people and brighten up the event.

Diversity in music is an understatement!

The traditional instruments, such as the Greek bouzouki, bring a new unique flavor to the melody. Moreover, the Greek entertainers are a total powerhouse when it comes to different genres of music. You can surely demand any of your favorite wedding party songs of yours, may it be anything, there is no limit!

Well, now you know why Greek wedding entertainment is one of the most unique and wondrous ideas out there, which can make your wedding night unforgettable for ages!

Now, you might ask where to find the best wedding entertainment in the business? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Introducing, one of the best Greek entertainers out there, with more than 20yrs of experience in the entertainment business, My Bouzouki Player Sydney by Tommy Tsonis.

Why choose the best Greek Entertainers?

Well, first, let’s acknowledge the founder of this band, Mr.Tommy Tsonis. Tommy is a well-known, internationally acclaimed Australian bouzouki player and entertainer and has been in the business for over two decades, having played at over 5000 events in Australia and on the international stages combined.

Tommy Tsonis is renowned for his exceptional expertise with the bouzouki, as well as his remarkable showmanship. Among Greek music royalty, he is considered as a sophisticated, skilled, dynamic artist. He is solicited in Australia and overseas for his unparalleled vogue that fuses Greek masterpieces, present-day songs, international music, and pop.

Tommy has had quite a musical journey and it is still continuing. He was a born performer at the little age of seven, and he started playing the bouzouki. Since then, his love of the instrument with tremendous determination leading to countless hours of practice has made him reach where he is today and has made him gain all the respect and recognition of well-known musicians, singers, and artists worldwide.

Performing since a teenager in Sydney and flying to Greece every year to challenge and check his skills depicts how Tommy became one of the greatest in the world, giving his signature, inimitable sounds of the bouzouki to the world.

In 2000, Tommy was requested to perform at The Sydney Olympic Games official ceremony to launch the torch relay – just a career recap that evidenced his abilities and love for the bouzouki and affection for Greece and Australia. Not to skip, Tommy has further performed at multiple official artistic events, including Greek festivals and Glendis, to support the Greek community.

For over ten years, Tommy has voyaged Greece. He has succeeded in working with some of the biggest names in the Greek music industry, such as Giannis Ploutarhos, Antonis Vardis, Giorgos Tsalikis, Nikos Tzoumas, Stathis Aggelopoulos, Alekos Zazopoulos, Makis Christodoulopoulos, Zigzag, and the count goes on. He has made guest appearances at all of the significant music clubs in Greece, performing at the Posodonio, Romeo, Asteria, Fix, and Frangelico.

As stated earlier, Tommy has added his signature style to the world of music, with his versatility alongside his expertise approach on the traditional Greek bouzouki and the classics, modern hits, and music of all styles reconstructed the legendary sounds of the bouzouki towards an instrument of the future.

“Being a Greek bouzouki player in Sydney is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It started as a dream 25 years ago, and it quickly became my life. Today as a passionate full-time entertainer, I am honored to have been invited to perform for couples and their guests both here and overseas traveling to the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Greece.” said Tommy Tsonis.

Tommy’s solo career was exceptional, a dream for other artists. Tommy performs at corporate and special events, including weddings, engagements, christenings and anniversaries, entertaining brides, grooms, families, friends, guests, and audiences at the most significant celebrations of their lives. Tommy is an absolute master when it comes to entertaining the audience and giving them the performance of a lifetime that’s worth cherishing for ages to come.

In 2010, Tommy took it to the next level and founded Tommy Tsonis Entertainment with a bunch of extremely skilled musicians and artists onboard. This lineup offered performances that entertain each event, may it be a marriage, a private celebration, or a corporate function. Having worked with the artists and musicians on his roster for multiple years, the team has strived to achieve completion and fine synchronization with each other guaranteeing a seamless show every time.

Now you know what Tommy and his team have been through to bring you nothing but the absolute best in the world of Geek music. My Bouzouki Player Sydney, is committed to providing the most innovative and unique melodies with the highest professionalism.

The services provided by My Bouzouki Player Sydney-


As aforementioned, you already know Tommy Tsonis is considered as Australia’s leading bouzouki player. Acknowledging the stature of Tommy Tsonis, no one but a fool would doubt the bouzouki performance. His work speaks for himself. His personalized bouzouki programs have always been a matter of discussion at marriages, engagements parties, and even festivities. Contact Tommy Tsonis now and secure your next celebration, one to remember and cherish.


Tommy has traveled to Greece countless times. He knows it all about the tradition, customs, and everything else. Every need has been hand-picked and sorted by Tommy himself- the Greek Bouzouki Player, Zaffet Drummers, Bongo Player, Klarino Player, and the roar of your crowd heads to an absolutely memorable entertainment experience.

Tommy Tsonis has skillfully used his musical expertise to enhance wedding entertainment experiences. He has improved and designed a multi-cultural wedding entrance moment that blends the lyrical bouzouki with the percussive sounds of the Zaffet drums. This high impact, dynamic performances elevate the entry of the Bride and Groom to significant dimensions, kicking off the celebrations from the moment they arrive.


The skilled bongo player, beside the bouzouki player, supplements the energy of the performance and compels your wedding guests dancing on their feet all night. The team has been through tedious labor under the surveillance of none other than the veteran Tommy Tsonis.


The same goes for Zaffet Drummers, who have been under Tommy,

specializing in Greek and Lebanese weddings. Customize your wedding entrance with our trained Zaffet Drummers Sydney creating tailor-made wedding entrances to satisfy your needs.


Is there a need for a Greek DJ at your wedding?

A Greek marriage is incomplete without a Greek DJ specializing in Greek, English & Italian melody. Our Highly skilled, veteran DJ’s have been doing this for years. We have a vibrant and dynamic fluid Greek and English speaking MC will captivate your audience.

Our MC works closely with the bride, bridegroom, and reception from top to bottom to ensure everything runs smoothly. You just need to sit back and relax.


There is hardly anything as lively as a Greek band!

Our band features robust vocals, crushing drum beats, and heavy bass creates an electrifying environment compelling everyone to dance and not to forget searing bouzouki performances. Right from the wedding entrance into the dancing of the kalamatiana, syrta, tsiftetelia, and zebekika, our collection consists of classical and contemporary Greek music to entertain guests from every part of Greece and all ages.

Tommy Tsonis, apart from being a renowned bouzouki player and founder of One of the best wedding entertainment in Sydney, also provides classes to newbies who wish to learn. This reveals his passion and love for music and also depicts his dedication to his passion and profession. Tommy Tsonis Entertainment further offers; professional Master of Ceremonies that can read the room and effortlessly lead guests throughout the event, turnkey lighting, and sound equipment packs, and all of your entertainment requirements.

It is a no-brainer to go with Tommy Tsonis. He has unarguably, the best wedding entertainment in Sydney and probably the best Greek wedding entertainment in the world with tons of services and innovation. With over two decades of entertaining audiences and unfolding the entertainment industry, performing at numerous events and weddings, Tommy Tsonis Entertainment is all you need to have the dream wedding celebration that you’ve always wanted.

For local and international booking inquiries for Tommy Tsonis or any artists and performers directed by Tommy Tsonis Entertainment for weddings, christenings, birthday celebrations, or any other corporate events or even a complimentary consultation with Tommy, please contact us today.